Engine Room Fire on Carnival Legend; No Injuries Reported

News of an engine room fire aboard the Carnival Legend were reported on September 20th. Yes – another Carnival Cruise incident!

According to the website, Crew-Center.com,

“a small fire broke out yesterday September 20, aboard the cruise ship Carnival Legend while the vessel was sailing into Glacier Bay National Park, Alaska. An announcement by the captain was made around 7:15 am via the loudspeakers all over the ship for firefighting teams to respond to the Engine room 5 vertical stack 2. The master of Carnival Legend did an outstanding job of keeping guests informed about the fire which was extinguished quickly, and according to sources there was never any danger to the ship nor was there any damage that will impede the operational capabilities.”

Reports also say there were no injuries and that the Carnival Legend’s sailing schedule was not interrupted.

Fires aboard cruise ships can be scary for both passengers and crew members alike. Large fires can spread quickly and lead to smoke inhalation issues for those onboard. Fortunately in this case the fire was manageable.

As recently as August of 2019, one person died and over 300 passengers and crew were evacuated after a cruise ship in Russia caught on fire. The fire started in a ship mechanic’s cabin aboard the Pyotr Tchaikovsky as it was docked in St. Petersburg.

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