Do Your Lawyers Handle Cruise Ship ‘Slip and Fall’ Cases?

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A common question we’re asked – does your law firm handle cruise ship ‘slip and fall’ cases?

Yes. In fact, the majority of cases that we handle for injured clients can be considered ‘slip and fall’ cases, for example:

  • falls in cruise ship restaurants, bars and lounge areas
  • falls in passenger cabins, bathrooms and showers
  • falls on stairwells and hallways
  • falls by the pools, hot tubs and other water features

It’s important to know that if your injury was due to the negligence or fault of the cruise ship or its employees, you can file an injury claim and potentially be compensated for the pain and suffering of your injury as well as medical bills and missed time at work.

The question we’ll ask are:

  • why did the injury occur?
  • whose fault was it – yours or the cruise line’s?
  • could the fall have been prevented?

Yes, our attorneys handle slip and fall cases against cruise lines – and we’ve representing passengers against the cruise lines for more than 25 years (and hundreds upon hundreds of cases).

Vessels and their crew must maintain a safe property, free of known and obvious hazards. Our lawyers can help you prove that a hazard existed and was the cause of your accident.

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Get compensation for your injuries

Waks and Barnett, P.A. has successfully represented hundreds of clients whose settlements have provided millions of dollars in compensation for them. Cruise injury law is a special and complex area. The cruise lines do not make the filing of claims and gaining successful verdicts easy. It takes attorneys who are experienced, focused and determined to help their clients.

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