Did Royal Caribbean’s Anthem of the Seas Stormy Cruise Risk the Lives of Passengers and Crew?

royal caribbean may see injury claims and lawsuits after anthem of the seas sailed into a february 2016 storm

1) Were the lives of over 7,500 cruise ship passengers and crew members risked by Royal Carribean’s decision to keep sailing through last week’s storm in the Atlantic?

2) Why did the ship continue right into the path of the ferocious storm — and one that was predicted by multiple weather agencies to be so ferocious?

3) Was it a case of “damn the torpedos” and “full speed ahead?”

The cruise ship suffered “cosmetic damages” — which correlates to structural items that can be repaired or replaced rather quickly and inexpensively. Screen Shot 2016-02-15 at 10.46.34 AM

More serious however, was the damage to the ship’s propulsion systems, the azipod units which power the vessel through the sea.

One azipod was completely incapacitated during the storm though the ship was able to limp back to port on the ship’s second azipod unit.

Media reacts to Anthem of the Seas decision to sail into the storm

From The New York Times: Royal Caribbean’s Smartship Avoids a Titanic Situation — the article questions why such a technologically advanced vessel was ill-prepared to with its weather forecasting.

CNN asked, Should Anthem of The Seas Set Sail in Light of Storm Warnings — the article questions should the boat have set sail, what did the captain know about the weather before setting sail and who might be responsible for injuries or lawsuits stemming from the cruise.

Miami attorney Jim Walker, a vocal proponent for increasing passenger safety questions… Is Anthem of The Seas More Unseaworthy Than It Looks and Is the Public Sick of Lying Cruise Lines Endangering Passenger Safety?

Are lawsuits against Royal Caribbean coming?

According to the Asbury Park Press in New Jersey (and based on inquiries already made at our law firm) “some passengers will likely file suit over injuries and compensation, especially if the ship traveled with a faulty propulsion system.”

The paper also reported…”Four people suffered minor injuries during the storm, where 30-foot waves and winds up to 120 mph rocked the ship, which suffered damage the cruise line categorized as “superficial.”

It’s probably too soon to know about the validity of injury claims. It would need to be proven that the cruise line was negligent in its actions during the storm…and those negligent action contributed to the injury of the passengers or crew.

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