Details emerge from class action lawsuit against Carnival Cruise Lines, Carnival Triumph


More details from the class action lawsuit against Carnival Cruise Lines have emerged today. The class action lawsuit was filed in Miami against the cruise line because of a variety of issues stemming from the Carnival Triumph engine failure on Feb. 10 and its effects upon the passengers aboard the vessel.

Some of those highlights include:

The Triumph experienced propulsion issues on prior voyages in mid-January, and on January 28, “there was an incident which resulted in damage to the Triumph’s … propulsion system and generators,” the suit said. “Notwithstanding said issues, Carnival knowingly decided to embark on the subject voyage.”

The lawsuit alleged that conditions on the ship “created a severe risk of injury, illness and/or disease.”

“From February 10, 2013, until February 15, 2013, Plaintiffs and all other similarly situated passengers were harmed and/or injured as a result of the engine room fire by way of being stranded at sea without necessary services and supplies,” the lawsuit said.

“Due to the lack of working plumbing and sanitation systems on the vessel, sewage and/or putrid water filled with urine and feces leaked onto floors, walls, and ceilings. This sewage and/or human waste sloshed around the vessel as the vessel listed while drifting and/or while under tow,” the suit said.

If you were a passenger on the Carnival Triumph and are uncertain about your rights as a passenger or whether you should join a class action lawsuit against Carnival, you should speak with an experienced attorney.

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