Cruise Ships Too Large for Some Ports?

Photo Credit: Gordon Chibroski, Portland Press Herald

Rockland, Maine residents to decide fate of ‘large cruise ships’ in local harbor?

According to a news report in the Portland (ME) Press Herald, “The Rockland City Council may schedule a November advisory referendum on whether to impose a ban on large cruise ships.”

Residents and business owners within the smaller community are looking to limit the impact of the cruise ships on the city’s harbor, raising questions about exhaust emissions, dumped waste and an unnatural look of such large vessels within the natural beauty of the surrounding environment.

Additionally, many question the impact of hundreds of tourists converging upon the city’s waterfront facilities (which are not equipped to handle such large crowds).

Some business owners, however, want to find a balance as cruise ship tourists also impact the local economy in a positive way, sending much needed dollars into local coffers.

This is a question affecting many different ports across the world — from Charleston, SC and the Key West, FL to Venice, Italy and many ports within the Caribbean.

A referendum is scheduled for November of this year.

Photo Credit: Gordon Chibroski, Portland Press Herald

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