Cruise ship tender in Bar Harbor, Maine runs aground

A cruise ship tender ran aground in Bar Harbor, Maine on Oct. 4.

Numerous media outlets picked up the story, including Here is a link to the story.

Fortunately, early reports show no injuries resulting from the tender accident. 93 passengers were aboard the tender at the time.

The tender – a small transport vessel for the cruise ship Celebrity Summit – was taking passengers from Bar Harbor back to the cruise ship.

The tender collided with the rocky shoal and became stuck. Low tide and rainy weather seemed to play a role in the tender accident. Other vessels within the general area helped to rescue passengers and transport them to safety.

Incidents like this are examples of what can happen when enjoying your cruise vacation. Cruise ships and they’re attending vessels are machines that can break down. Weather can play a role in upsetting plans. Crew members can make mistakes.

It’s important to understand the potential hazards that come with traveling on the ocean, open waters or even along the coast during excursions. Cruise ship accidents and injuries do occur.

If you are involved in an accident aboard a cruise ship, tender or other vessel associated with the cruise line, seek medical attention quickly. Also, make note of conditions that may have led to the accident or injury. If you can talk with potential witnesses, do so, and collect their names. All of this information may come in handy if you would need to present a lawsuit against the cruise line for negligence.