Cruise Lines Reroute or Cancel Cruises Due to Coronavirus Fears

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The coronavirus virus spread around China – and with continuing reports of the virus spreading around the world – has led major airlines and cruise lines to cancel or reroute itineraries.


Per a report in Yahoo New Australia, “Royal Caribbean International, the world’s biggest cruise operator, said it has cancelled three cruises by its China-based Spectrum of the Seas liner including a four-day sail from Shanghai to Okinawa in Japan.


Cruise giant Holland America will reroute its Westerdam ship which is scheduled to leave Hong Kong on Saturday for a 14-day cruise around Taiwan and Japan, to now avoid Shanghai.”

More than likely, these cruise lines and other will add more cancellations or rerouted trips to their schedules. MSC Cruises has also cancelled a scheduled cruise leaving from Shanghai at the urging of the Chinese government.


Interestingly, the report shows that 2.4 million Chinese traveled on cruise ship in 2018 making it the second-largest passenger volume by nationality behind the United States. Cruise lines operating in or traveling to China with their ships will certainly be affected in the coming weeks and months.


Already, one ship, the Costa Smeraldo has been quarantined as a precautionary measure as a passenger was suspected of carrying the virus. The vessel has since been cleared.

For more news and updates, Newsweek has further information.