Crew members found with meningitis on Italian cruise ship – will it affect passengers too?

Reports over the last 48 hours have shown that 4 crew members aboard the MSC Orchestra contracted bacterial meningitis infections.

As a precaution, more than 2,500 passengers and more than 950 crew members were being treated.

It seems the news was originally posted by SeaTrade Insider.

As related by USA Today, meningitis is…

…characterized by a sudden onset of fever, headache and stiff neck, bacterial meningitis is a severe illness that can lead to brain damage, hearing loss or learning disabilities, according to the U.S. Centers for Disease Control. There are about 4,100 cases a year in the USA that result in about 500 deaths, according to the most recent data…

At this point, it seems as though the cruise line is acting appropriately to handle the health concerns of its crew and its passengers. Industry insiders will be keeping an eye on the story and, based on upcoming releases of information, will be able to determine if the outbreak of meningitis aboard the ship could have been prevented.

In situations like these, cruise lines are susceptible to lawsuits brought against them. Passengers and crew members alike may present a version of the facts that allows them the ability to bring suit.

An experienced attorney could help answer questions and help determine the appropriate course of direction for anyone suffering from effects brought on by meningitis contracted while aboard the cruise ship.