Covid-19 Outbreak Hits Arctic Expedition Cruise

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The Hurtigruten expedition cruise ship, MS Roald Amundsen, has experienced a large-scale Covid-19 outbreak.

The vessel, which had recently returned to cruising, is now responsible for the quarantining of roughly 400 passengers from two July cruises.

Per the Financial Times and other news outlets, Hurtigruten reported 36 crew from the Roald Amundsen had tested positive for coronavirus. This is in addition to nearly 400 passengers who may have been infected as well.

As the article relates, “the outbreak is an embarrassment for the cruise industry and especially Hurtigruten, which has stressed that its rules to guard against infection are stricter than those required by Norwegian and international authorities.”

Hurtigruten, though a Norwegian company, is not associated with Norwegian Cruise Lines. You can read the company’s Covid-19 updates on their website here.

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