Costa Concordia Carrying Shipment of Mob Drugs When Sunk?

Reports coming from Italian investigators say that the Costa Concordia, which sunk in January 2012 off the coast of Giglio, was carrying a shipment of Mob drugs.

Some highlights from the Independent news article:

The ’Ndrangheta crime syndicate was responsible for using the #CostaConcordia to transport drug shipments. Members of the Italian mob have been under investigation since the sinking of the vessel. Apparently, crew members must have been complicit with the carrying of the shipment as at some point, packages would have had to been moved on and off the cruise ship. ’Ndrangheta also placed its drugs on ships owned by MSC and Norwegian Cruise Lines.

Interestingly, this reminds of earlier stories we’d heard that said mob divers were searching the cruise ship just hours and days after the Costa Concordia’s sinking.