Contacting a Lawyer is the Right Move if you are Injured in a Cruise Ship Accident

We see it all of the time. People just like you who are injured in a cruise ship accident and don’t know who to talk to about their accident (like a slip and fall incident from a wet Cruise passenger lawyerdeck, a broken handrail on a staircase or luggage left in a crowded hallway).

These passengers come back from their cruise vacation hurt, confused and frustrated. Maybe they can’t go to work because of the injury or maybe medical bills are piling up.

What to do?

Then someone (a spouse, friend, co-worker or family member) suggests that they “call an attorney”. They call a local attorney who has no experience dealing with the big, scary cruise lines.

Then what? Hopefully, the local attorney can refer the injured person to a personal injury cruise ship lawyer. Or maybe an online Google search can refer you.

Should I call and attorney after my accident?

**Someone suggesting that you call an attorney is giving you a great recommendation actually. Experienced cruise ship injury lawyers can be very helpful because the laws pertaining to cruise injuries can be confusing – your average lawyer doesn’t have experience with the cruise lines and doing it yourself can be overwhelming and unproductive).

Talking to an experienced cruise injury lawyer is the right decision – he or she can help you better understand whether you have a basis for a claim. If you do, then the attorney can guide you through the legal process. They can answer all of the questions you have, including:

  • When do I have to file the lawsuit (usually within a year or less)?
  • Where do I have to file the lawsuit (for many cruise lines, it’s in Florida)?
  • What are my chances of being compensated for my injury?
  • How long will the legal process take?
  • And dozens of other questions you may have…

Contact the CruiseLawyers Law Firm

Waks and Barnett personal injury attorneys have successfully represented passengers who have been seriously injured, hurt or medically impaired while on a cruise vacation for over 25 years.

We also represent crewmembers who were injured while working on cruise ships and commerical vessels.

Whether your accident occurred on a Carnival, Royal Caribbean, Disney or Princess cruise – or any of the other cruise lines out there, we can help you.

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