Concerns from Injured Passengers and Crew

Our cruise injury law firm is contacted each week by both passengers and crew members who have suffered injuries. Some of these injuries are caused simply by accidents. Some are caused due to the negligence or lack of care on part of the cruise line or its employees.

And, some of these injuries are relatively minor, while others are life altering.

Here are some inquiries we’ve seen come through lately

  • slipped and fell on a slippery floor in the dining room resulting in fractured kneecap
  • disabled and did have problems during cruise
  • back pain getting worse
  • cruise with Norwegian Cruise Line which resulted in an injury that required surgery
  • persistent back pain from injury
  • fell down dislocating my knee cap
  • 6 broken ribs and a punctured lung
  • allegations of rape
  • disability from leg injury
  • injury incurred while working

These are actual inquiries from hurt passengers and crew just from the last few weeks. They are just a sampling of the inquiries we get…and there are many more.

We find that people have questions…and often, very many questions…

With over 20 million people cruising each year, the potential for getting hurt while on a cruise vacation is very real. And once those accidents and injuries occur, people seek out answers regarding their legal rights.

  • can I sue
  • what rights do I have
  • do I need a lawyer
  • how do I file a lawsuit
  • can I be compensated for my injuries
  • who pays for medical bills
  • do i have to come to Florida to sue
  • why won’t the cruise line respond to me
  • why didn’t the cruise line give me proper care
  • was the cruise line at fault
  • I missed work … and money … due to my injury

Our goal here at Waks and Barnett, P.A. is to better understand your situation and to provide you the legal help that you need regarding your accident.

That often begins with a phone call. If you were injured on a cruise and need to speak with an attorney, don’t hesitate.