Carnival Ecstasy Cruise Ship in the News Again

Carnival Ecstasy is in the news again as a 71 year old woman was airlifted from the ship on April 15 after an apparent head injury.

The US Coast Guard took the woman to a Florida hospital as the ship was making it’s way back to its home port in Charleston, SC.

The ship has had a fair share of incidents over the last few years, with two in particular making headlines.

In January 2016, a crew member was crushed to death in an elevator shaft. Images circulated around the Internet after this terrible accident.

In September 2016 a passenger was reported overboard from the ship.

And in September 2014 a college student died after falling aboard the vessel.

While it may seem like Ecstasy is a “cursed ship” the reality is that accidents — even those where a passenger or working crew member dies — is not that uncommon.

Reported accidents on cruise ship happen frequently and a quick search online of “cruise ship accidents” will show many incidents from many different boats and many different cruise lines.

Personal safety aboard a cruise ship is a key concern and rules and regulations should be adhered to at all times. And while unfortunate — accidents happen — sometimes because they’re simply just accidents and sometimes they’re due to negligence on the part of the cruise line or its employees.

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