Carnival Ecstasy: Both a Bloody Elevator Scene and Perfect Health Inspection Score

Carnival Ecstasy, the ship where a bloody elevator accident occurred, was also a recipient of a perfect 100 health inspection score for 2015.

While those accident and the health inspection are not related, it is interesting to see that while a cruise ship might pass health inspections with flying colors, cruise ships still present opportunities for unfortunate incidents.

Fox 4 of Ft. Myers Florida reports that a couple celebrating a Christmas cruise witnessed a bloody elevator scene in the aftermath of a cruise members accident and resulting death.

Interesting enough, reports from show the Ecstasy as one of only 32 vessels to receive a perfect health inspection score from the CDC.

Carnival Cruise Lines’ perfect scores included 100s for Carnival Fascination, Carnival Sunshine, Carnival Ecstasy, Carnival Triumph, Carnival Pride and Carnival Miracle.