Carnival Cruise Lines cancels two more 5 day sailings of Carnival Triumph


Questions remain as to when Carnival Cruise Lines crippled vessel, Carnival Triumph, will be back on the water.

The Carnival Triumph is most know for its ‘horror cruise’ from mid-February when an Carnival triumph passengers need to hire an attorney to represent themengine room fire contributed to loss of power and electricity that affected food preparation and plumbing among other problems.

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Very quickly after the boat arrived in Alabama, the first legal claim leveled against Carnival was filed with the defendant claiming she “suffered physical and emotional harm because Carnival failed to provide a seaworthy vessel and sanitary conditions.”

According to, Carnival Cruise Lines canceled two additional five-day sailings of Carnival Triumph to make repairs caused when the ship was torn away from a shipyard in Mobile earlier this month. The ship will return to service June 13 rather than June 3.

Carnival confirmed the cancellations, explaining the ship was damaged when it broke away from the pier, delaying the overall repair schedule by 10 days. Attempts to return the ship to the shipyard failed and repairs are being done at the Mobile cruise terminal. Final repairs will be completed in The Bahamas.

Passengers on the latest canceled sailings will receive full refunds, reimbursement for travel expenses and future cruise discounts of 25 percent.

Questions still remain for many passengers who were aboard the Triumph.

  • What rights do they have as passengers on the ship?
  • Was the compensation provided by Carnival equitable to the emotional and physical distress?
  • Should they file a claim?
  • Should they hire an attorney to represent them?
  • Should they involve themselves in class action claims against the cruise line?

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