Carnival Cruise Line Expands “My Awesome Bar Program”

In recent news, Carnival Cruise Lines is extending it’s “My Awesome Bar Program” on two more cruise ships – the Carnival Splendor and Carnival Victory.

The “My Awesome Bar Program” is an unlimited alcohol package that is made available to passengers.

According to various reports, the $50-per-day program gives passengers access to unlimited wine, beer and spirits as well as sodas and non-alcoholic frozen cocktails. Apparently the program applies to drinks that are $10 or less and includes tip. Read more about the program at the Tampa Bay Business Journal or at USA Today.

Some media, including the Houston Chronicle, refer to this program as a booze cruise. While that is certainly not an accurate description of the program, the cruise line or the passengers participating in the program, its operation may open the cruise line up to increased liability for the actions of its passengers.

According to the Houston Chronicle article

…the decision follows other cruise lines, including Royal Caribbean, Celebrity and Oceania, that offer similar types of unlimited beverage packages, according to

Carnival spokesman Vance Gulliksen told that the trial has been ongoing since Victory’s Aug. 5 departure from Miami, Fla. He cited convenience and value as the reasons behind the move.

Whether the cruise line extends the package to its other 23 ships remains to be seen. Some online commenters questioned the move, saying it may encourage more drunkenness on cruises.

The potential for liability issues may impact further rollout of the “My Awesome Bar” program. Passengers that over-consume may be more prone to slip and fall accidents, personal injury, public disturbances, run-ins with other passengers or security and a variety of other issues. While passengers will always be encouraged to ‘have a good time’ at Waks & Barnett, we’ll continue to monitor the program from a legal perspective.

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