Can You Sue Carnival Cruise Line After Suffering a Head Injury Accident?

head injury accident on carnival cruise line vacation

Did you get a head injury while sailing with Carnival Cruises?


Have you been asking yourself if you can you sue Carnival Cruise Line for a concussion or severe head injury that occurred while you were a passenger aboard their ship (or for an injury that occurred to a family member)?


Well…it depends.


Filing an injury claim against Carnival Cruise or suing the cruise line will depend on a number of factors, all of which would be discussed with you when you call our offices at 1-305-271-8282.


Those factors would include:


  • Where did the injury occur?
  • How did the injury occur?
  • Who was responsible for the accident?
  • Did the cruise line (or it’s employees) do something – or not do something – that led to the injury?
  • Did you actually suffer an injury – physical, emotional, financial, etc?
  • Did the accident lead to your injury?
  • What was the severity of the injury?
  • Can you provide medical care records related to the injury?
  • Were there witnesses to the accident?


**Note: every injury is unique and the details surrounding the incident can greatly impact the ability to sue Carnival Cruise Line — or not. This is where an experienced attorney can help.


What are signs that you may have had a concussion or severe head trauma from your Carnival Cruise accident?


Signs and symptoms from the Mayo Clinic website – to read more about concussion symptoms, go here:


  • Headache or a feeling of pressure in the head
  • Temporary loss of consciousness
  • Confusion or feeling as if in a fog
  • Amnesia surrounding the traumatic event
  • Dizziness or “seeing stars”
  • Ringing in the ears
  • Nausea
  • Vomiting
  • Slurred speech
  • Delayed response to questions
  • Appearing dazed
  • Fatigue


Additionally, head injuries can involve injuries to the neck, spine and back. Many clients with head injuries also suffer from upper cervical injuries. Nerve damage, tissue damage and muscle damage in the neck and upper back or shoulders are common complaints. Also, cruise passengers may suffer injuries to their jaw, nose and eyes depending on how the accident occurs.

It’s important to note too that some symptoms of concussions may be immediate – or – may be delayed by hours or days after injury, such as…


  • Concentration and memory complaints
  • Irritability and other personality changes
  • Sensitivity to light and noise
  • Sleep disturbances
  • Psychological adjustment problems and depression
  • Disorders of taste and smell


Many people don’t even know they sustained a concussion until well after they’ve ended their cruise vacation and have gone back to work. They know they fell on the cruise and hit their head, but the damage and pain they’re experiencing sometimes does not show until much later.


Your doctor — if you’ve seen one — will be helpful in determining what after effects you may be experiencing.


Concussions do happen on Carnival as well as other cruise ships


It’s unfortunate, but accidents and injuries are common on Carnival Cruise Ships. Our office receives calls on a weekly basis from passengers who have been seriously hurt on their cruise vacation and need to speak with someone about their legal options.


These are real inquires where passengers who have been hurt and are struggling with a painful injury or injuries. They’ve reached out to our attorneys because they feel they need help.


And they have many questions, including:


  • Do they have a claim?
  • Is their claim valid?
  • Is Carnival Cruise Line responsible for their head injury?
  • What responsibility does Carnival Cruise Line have if in fact they were responsible?
  • What are the chances the passenger can be compensated for their injury?
  • I’ve contacted the cruise line myself and am getting nowhere


If you’ve been injured while sailing with Carnival Cruise Line and believe that your injury was sustained due to the negligence of the crew, the cruise line or even a fellow passenger, you may have a potential claim.


How do head injuries occur?


How do head injuries occur on Carnival? They can happen in many ways of course, but most are the result of slipping and falling accidents.


It’s not uncommon for passengers to suffer from falls while walking near the pool, in restaurants, in hallways, on stairs and gangways and really anywhere else on the cruise ship.


Over the years, our firm has litigated many cruise ship head injury cases, including winning these results on the behalf of injured clients:


  • $5,500,000 for 14 year old boy who suffered a head injury in a fall on a stairway.
  • $950,000 for 11 year old who suffered a mild head injury in a fall on a stairway.
  • $260,000 for 73 year old woman who suffered soft tissue injuries and head injury from trip over electrical wire.

Could you receive money from Carnival Cruise Line if the company was responsible for your injury?


If you suffered a head injury or concussion as part of an accident on a Carnival vessel, the resulting losses you have experienced could be eligible for a damages recovery claim. These include economic damages, such as the expense of your hospital stay and medical treatment, as well as non-economic damages, such as the pain and suffering you may have experienced.


Common damages available to you after a Carnival Cruise accident may include:


  • Hospital and medical bills — both past and future bills
  • Out of pocket treatment expenses
  • Lost wages
  • Compensation for permanent disability or disfigurement
  • Pain and suffering
  • Loss of enjoyment of life
  • Punitive damages


Your attorney will work with you and your medical service providers in order to assess and document the full extent of your injuries.


Contact a Carnival Cruise Ship Lawyer


The best approach is to spend a few minutes with an experienced cruise ship injury lawyer who can answer your questions and provide a clear understanding of what your legal rights are as an injured passenger.


For more information from our attorneys, please call us today. There is no-obligation with the call – and – the call with our attorneys is free. Call today at 1-305-271-8282.


Our cruise ship accident lawyers have been helping injured passengers and crew members for more than 35 years. We help you understand your rights and will assist you in filing an injury claim against the cruise line. If you believe negligence played a role in your injury – or just have questions about the your accident – please contact our office today.


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