Can I settle with the cruise line without hiring an attorney

Important Note About Settling With A Cruise Line Without Hiring An Attorney

Many of the provisions that are often included in a cruise passenger’s ticket limit the purchaser’s rights and the amount of time allotted for filing a claim is brief.

Also, once you are given a ticket, a binding contract has been formed that cannot be altered. Other limitations include the amount of reimbursement for lost luggage, or whether the cruise departed from the United States or visited any U.S. ports.

Handling Your Case – Let An Experienced Cruise Ship Attorney Help

If you are injured while taking a cruise, carefully review the fine print on your ticket. You will probably discover that it severely limits the possibility of holding the cruise line liable for the damages you have suffered. For example, there may be a provision stating that you must contact the cruise line regarding the matter within six months after the event occurred, or your claim will have no merit.

When you feel you have a case to settle with a cruise line, contacting an attorney who has experience in dealing with such cases may be your best option. As a rule, your case will be taken on contingency fee basis, which will probably amount to 1/3 of what is recovered from the cruise line when a settlement has been reached.

What You Should Know About Taking A Cruise

While cruise vacations are generally quite safe and enjoyable, injuries and other events causing harm to passengers do happen, particularly today when larger ships with room for more than 5,000 passengers have become part of a cruise line’s fleet.

Also, note that, depending on the category and seriousness of an event in which passengers were injured, the cruise line may also be held liable if any crew members were harmed as well.

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