Body of American Cruise Ship Singer to be Exhumed: Family Still Seeks Answers reports, “a talented cruise ship singer was mysteriously discovered dead inside her cabin five years ago. Now her parents are taking a dramatic step to get answers.”

Jackie Kastrinelis, 24 at the time of her death, was the lead singer on the Seven Seas Voyager Regent Cruise Ship when her unresponsive body was found inside her cabin as the vessel was near the coast of Darwin Australia.

Her parents, who have long believed the investigation in their daughter’s death was not handled properly.

According to the article, “Jackie died unexpectedly on the Seven Seas Voyager cruise ship in February, 2013. She was a talented 24-year-old singer who had been touring the world for years as a musician — doing the job she loved and seeing the world.

One of those who worked with her said she was “ray of sunshine, a life force and a beautiful person.”

Officially, the finding was that Jackie had died of the rare “sudden unexplained death syndrome” while she was sleeping.”

It was reported that Jackie had sustained a head injury during rehearsals shortly before her death and was given medication by a ship’s doctor. Her parents believe the entire investigation contained errors and cover ups by police and forensic experts. Inconsistencies with statements made by other crew members, door swipe card records that didn’t add up and an inconclusive autopsy have left her parents with many unanswered questions over the last five years.

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Regent Cruises is headquartered in Miami, FL.