Are New Cruise Ships Safer Cruise Ships? USA Today Guide to New Cruise Ships of 2014

USA Today, which keeps tabs on cruise ship industry news, recently published an overview of the new cruise ships coming in 2014.

Read the full story here: USA Today’s Guide To The New Cruise Ships of 2014

Are New Cruise Ships Safer Cruise Ships?

Hopefully these new cruise ships will feature the latest technology and innovation designed not only for excitement and fun, but also for safety and the protection of the passengers who fill eventually stroll the decks of the gigantic vessels.

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Cruise ship safety is a key concern for many within the industry. As cruise ship personal injury lawyers, our law firm responds to inquiries from passengers who have been hurt in accidents on their cruise vacations.

Many accidents are simply just “accidents” but far more were “avoidable accidents” that could have been prevented had the cruise line or the crew taken the correct actions – notifying passengers of a recently mopped floor, properly fixing broken equipment or taking the correct precautions with virus outbreaks or poor weather conditions.

These passengers, who are hurt and confused because of their injures, often don’t know where to turn for help after an incident. The cruise lines may offer to “help” but those overtures are often very limited. Injured passengers often contact our law firm to get a better understanding of their legal rights and create an action plan for getting compensation from the cruise lines for their injuries.

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