Anthem of the Seas Delays Cruise Due to Medical Emergency

medical negligence

Royal Caribbean ship, Anthem of the Seas, was delayed on it’s latest cruise voyage due to a medical emergency that forced the ship to make an unscheduled stop in Nassau, Bahamas.

The ship was traveling back to Cape Liberty, it’s home port in New Jersey when the medical needs of a passenger delayed the trip.

While likely frustrating for thousands of passengers, the delay of proper medical care for passengers can lead to worsening conditions. Cruise lines and their medical staff should always be taking the proper precautions to best treat their onboard patients and/or make quick decisions to deliver those patients to ports where better medical care can be provided as needed.

Medical negligence cases on cruise ships continue to grow as more people take to cruises with existing health conditions. Cruise ships are often ill-prepared for the variety of ailments and medical issues they may face while at sea. Compounding this issue, doctors and other staff may have less experience and may have less resources available to them within the ship’s medical office.

Some of those medical negligence claims on cruise ships may include:

– improper diagnosis / misdiagnosis

– delayed treatment / failure to treat

– medical errors

– surgical errors

Our firm has dealt with many of these cases over the years. Recently, on March 1 2019, a federal jury awarded one of our clients more than $2 million in damages. The passenger claimed that the Norwegian Cruise Lines medical staff was negligent in failing to provide proper treatment after diagnosing him with a heart attack.

Help for Cruise Ship Medical Claims

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