Ankle and Knee Injuries, More Common Than Most Cruise Ship Passengers Realize

call lawyer for knee and ankle injury on cruise ship

Take note, ankle and knee injuries are more common than most cruise ship passengers realize. Serious and painful tweaks, sprains and broken bone fractures can quickly end the excitement of a cruise vacation.

As a group of lawyers who help with cruise ship injuries and accidents all of the time, these type of injuries are probably the most common. It’s why passengers reach out to us for help with injury claims.

And yes, they can happen on any cruise ship (from Carnival to Royal Caribbean to Princess) at any time.

How Do Passengers Hurt Their Knees and Ankles?

Quite often, people hurt their knees, ankles and legs because of slip and fall accidents. And in most cases, the injury was really just an accident. There was no specific, negligent action that led to the accident. As the saying goes, “it was just an accident.”

But sometimes, negligent actions do play a role. This means that the cruise line or crew members understood that a potential injury could occur because of something that was done (or not done). Something was not cleaned, labled or fixed properly for example.

Here are some examples from real injury claims we’ve seen:

  • Faulty handrail on stairs led to a nasty fall
  • Ripped or torn carpeting led to a trip and fall incident
  • A sliding door malfunctioned and closed on a passenger’s ankle
  • Wet decks or freshly mopped areas were not posted with warning signs
  • Gangplanks leading off the ship were not secured properly

And these are just a few. For elderly passengers especially, getting around on a cruise ship which is swaying with the ocean swells can be a difficult proposition.

What To Do If An Injury Occurs?

Sprains and fractures are fairly common from falls, twisting injuries, accidents, etc. They almost always cause swelling, bruising, difficulty in walking…and pain.

The most important thing to consider initially is – “is something broken.” With an ankle or knee injury, if you have any concern that there is a fracture you should go to the medical specialist aboard the ship for x-rays and treatment – immediately!

Also take note that the level of care may not be as good as your local doctor, urgent care facility or emergency room in a hospital. We find that many of our clients have had to seek treatment after they leave the cruise – and sometimes that treatment was to compensate for the substandard treatment they were given while on the cruise ship.

Injury Claims? Should I Contact a Cruise Ship Lawyer?

If you believe you have a claim against the cruise line – or even if you’re unsure about your options after a knee or ankle injury – you should speak with cruise ship injury lawyers who have years of Cruise ship attorney floridaexperience representing passengers (and injured crew members).

Call Waks and Barnett, P.A. at 1-800-905-2891 for a free consultation. We can help with the frustration and confusion you and your family may be experiencing.

We’d enjoy speaking to you. Don’t let your questions go unanswered. Time is often a consideration when determining whether you should file a claim for an injury you’ve suffered.

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