Alcohol Use by Captain of Nippon Maru Results in Suspension

Per the Pacific Daily News, “The captain of the Nippon Maru cruise was suspended due to reported alcohol use on the job, according to ship officials.

The Nippon Maru cruise ship collided with Delta Pier on Dec. 30 causing damage to both the vessel and pier. The ship may leave the port Thursday, according to ship officials, as its undergone the necessary repairs.”

The accident occurred in Apra Harbor, Guam on Sunday, January 6. Apra Harbo is a deep-water port on the western side of the United States territory of Guam. The cruise ship ran into a navy fuel pipe, puncturing the starboard side of the vessel as well as damaging the pier connected with the pipe.

“According to the ship agent, the cruise passengers were flown back to their home destinations. The ship’s crew remained on island, as required during Coast Guard’s investigation of the incident.”

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