7 essential steps to take after being in a Miami car wreck


If you’ve been involved in a car wreck here in Miami and were able to walk away from the accident without serious injury, here are 7 essential steps you should take.

Yes, we realize that most people won’t print out a copy of this blog post and keep it in their glove box, but we want people to know that they do have rights and they should follow a plan after being involved in the car crash. hire a miami car crash lawyer

Immediately following a car wreck – and assuming you’re physically okay (as are the other passengers in your vehicle) – you should try to try to focus on keeping your cool and  maintain your composure. Understandably you will be shaken and perhaps unable to focus, but you should try.

If you want to protect yourself and maximize your chances of being successful if the car wreck turns into a legal issue, you’ll want to go into action.

Here are 7 essential steps to take after your car wreck:

  • Make sure you and your passengers are physically okay.
  • Call 911 immediately.
  • Make sure that an attending police officer takes a full report of the accident.
  • Write down as much information as you can about the other cars involved in the accident. Take photos with your cell phone if you can – the scene, injuries, your care, their car, etc. Write down what your injuries are or the injuries of others. Take note of conversations with anyone involved or any witnesses. Attorneys will want to know as much as possible, as much detail as they can, in order to help you if it comes to that.
  • When talking to others involved in the accident, do not admit fault. Keep conversations short and don’t reveal too much detail from your perspective – just get their information. Also, at a later date, be careful about your conversations with insurance representatives. Speaking to a lawyer first is the right choice.
  • After leaving the scene, go see a doctor. They can help you understand what injuries you have as well as which injuries may worsen in the next hours and days. Explain how the injuries happened. Any sensations of disorientation, confusion, memory lapses, or other conditions you have sustained – every small detail is important and can help an attorney help you.
  • Call a Miami car accident lawyer

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