5 More Things Not To Do On Your First Cruise; And How That Can Help You Stay Accident Free

avoid accidents on a cruise ship; advice from an attorney

Last week, The Huffington Post shared an article called 5 Things Not to Do on Your First Cruise (originally posted on CruiseCritic.com).

They were all great suggestions for how to get the most enjoyment out of your vacation. You can read the full article here by clicking this link.

The 5 suggestions were:

  • Don’t overdo it your first day onboard
  • Don’t try to eat at every specialty restaurant
  • Don’t think you’re too cool to participate in cruise activities
  • Don’t stay in your cabin for hours at a time
  • Don’t forget to be nice to the crew

While these are good ideas and are certainly something to consider for new cruise passengers, there are some other things to keep in mind that pertain to your personal safety.

As cruise ship injury lawyers, we speak with accident victims every week. People get hurt on cruises – and sometimes hurt very seriously. Unfortunately, it happens more than most people realize.

How can you increase your chances of staying safe on your cruise?

Here are 5 More Things Not To Do On Your First Cruise:

1) Don’t skip the Safety Muster Drill on the first day of your cruise: Important safety tips are discussed. It’s better to have this information and not need it than need it and not have it! 3 reasons to hire a cruise injury lawyer

2) Don’t forget to keep an eye out for your children: Walk the ship with them. Make sure they’re oriented with where your cabin is in relation to the pool, the main deck, restaurants, etc. This is a good time to make plans for ‘what happens if we get separated‘.

3) Don’t forget to look for possible injury hazards: Make a note that the pool areas are likely to have standing water or will be slippery (even with crew members trying to keep them dry and uncluttered). Look out for dark hallways, loose stairwell railings and anything that may be broken in your cabin.

4) If you take medicine or have pre-existing health conditions, have a plan: Most cruise ships will have thousands of passengers and crew. If you suffer from conditions that may worsen while on a cruise, it’s best to know who to call and where to go if an emergency happens.

5) Don’t overdo it with alcohol: Too much alcohol can led to poor decision making and can also leave you open to potential theft, physical assaults and sexual assaults. It can also make walking around more difficult on a ship that’s moving through the ocean.

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