3 Most Common Cruise Ship Accidents That Hurt Passengers

Yes – cruise ship accidents do occur – often more frequently than most passengers believe.

Passengers get hurt all time – sometimes due to “no-fault” accidents and sometimes due to negligent actions of the cruise line or its employees, the crew members. The injuries can be quite painful – broken bones, internal bleeding, severe back injuries and more. lawyer for injured cruise ship passengers

At our law firm here in Miami, we’ve talked to injured passengers for more than 25 years – and the accident stories we’ve heard are often quite hard to listen to.

People who went out on what they thought would be a fun cruise come back hurt and frustrated. Often, they want answers and they want compensation from the cruise line.

What are the 3 most common cruise ship accidents?

1 – Slip and Fall Accidents, for example

  • slipping on wet floors or decks
  • tripping down stairs
  • falling over luggage in hallways
  • falling in unlit areas of the boat

2 – Swimming Pool Accidents, for example

  • injured while swimming
  • slipping around wet pool areas
  • near drownings

3 – Accidents That Happen Because of Broken Equipment, for example

  • falling because of broken handrails on stairs
  • tripping over ripped or torn carpet
  • sliding doors that close on arms and legs
  • equipment in bathrooms that break

After an injury, should you contact an attorney?

Most injured passengers will focus on the healing process. Knee injuries, concussions and broken bones are painful and take time to heal. It’s only after some time has passed that people begin to think, “should I talk to an attorney”?

Most passengers who are hurt in an accident while on a cruise vacation and suffer painful injuries often don’t have any idea of “what to do” once they return home from their trip.

What they will do of course, is to seek ongoing treatment for their injuries at their local doctor or hospital. They’ll get x-rays, they’ll have surgery, they’ll schedule appointments for follow up visits and therapy to recover.

You may have questions about your legal rights as a passenger.

You may have contacted the cruise line directly and were unhappy with their response. You might be seeking financial compensation to help deal with the mounting costs of surgery, doctor visits and rehab efforts.

An experienced attorney who has represented injured passengers against the cruise lines for accidents, sickness, assaults, negligence and other personal injuries can shed light on your potential claims.

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