20 Million Passengers Cruise Each Year, But How Many Are Injured?

With roughly 20 million people taking cruises every year, how often do passengers return home with an injury sustained while on board the vessel? cruise ship injury lawyer

And of those, how many of those accidents occurred because the cruise line or its crew did (or did not do) something to prevent the accident from happening?

The truth is, we don’t know. The cruise line industry does a very poor job of collecting and sharing that information. The reason? It’s probably because they don’t want to interfere with the marketing messages that depict cruise vacations as fun, care-free and family friendly.

But imagine – if even 1% of those 20 million passengers incurs and injury that’s 200,000 passengers who are hurt and confused about what action to take.

The Reality is, Accidents Happen on Cruise Ships

The reality is however, that cruise ships are just like other places – accidents are bound to happen. And many of these accidents are avoidable. Negligence plays a role in many injuries sustained by passengers (and crew) aboard cruise ships.

  • Wet decks are not properly marked and people fall.
  • Hallways are crowded with luggage and people trip.
  • Medical staff misdiagnoses an injury and it gets worse.
  • Stairways and gangways are broken, unstable or slick and someone stumbles.

Injured Passengers Do Have Rights

The ways people can be injured on a cruise ship is endless. Fortunately for these passengers, cruise ship personal injury lawyers can act as advocates for the passenger, helping them understand their legal rights and provide a course of action if a lawsuit needs to be filed against the cruise line for financial compensation for the injury.

If it can be proved that the injured was cause by the negligence of the cruise line or crew, there is a good chance that the passenger can be compensated for their injury. This is important as medical bills, unemployment and other considerations can have a severe financial impact on the injured passenger.

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