Get Helpful Information You Need When Considering a Cruise Injury Claim

the attorneys at our miami cruise ship injury law firm provide free consultations to hurt passengers who need more information about suing a cruise line

As someone who was hurt on a cruise ship vacation and is seeking answers, you and your family will have many questions.

Our goal is to 1) help you through the process of determining if you have a case against the cruise line and 2) developing a legal plan of action for successful settlement of your injury claim.

We’ve provided the following resources to help inform and educate you:

Do I Have a Case?
“Can I sue the cruise line for my injuries?” It’s a questions we’re asked every day. Our experienced attorneys will help you quickly determine if you have a case and how best to proceed if you do. Learn more here…

Do I Need a Lawyer to Help Me?
A common question is, can I sue the cruise line on my own — or should I hire an attorney to represent me? We walk you through our thoughts on this. Get more information here…

What is My Case Worth?
Accident victims who have incurred medical bills or who have lost money by not being able to work after an injury want to know how much compensation they can get for their injuries. Learn more here…

What is Our Approach to Cruise Injury Claims?
Our main concern is achieving the best possible result for our clients. We do this by devoting our full attention and resources to you and your specific case. Read more here…

More Frequently Asked Questions

Tips and Information For Getting Help and Filing a Claim
If you’ve been injured on a cruise ship, there are certain actions you’ll want to take. Your goal should be both to protect yourself and your health immediately following the accident and then seek legal help. Learn more here…

11 Key Questions A Cruise Lawyer Will Ask You
While you will certainly have questions for an attorney, the attorney will have questions too. These questions can help determine the best way we might be able to help you. Read the 11 questions here…

Are Initial Calls, Office Visits and Consultations With Your Lawyers Free?
Yes. Our firm offers free consultations because we want to make it as easy as possible for injured passengers to tell their side of the story. Learn more about our consultations and why this is such an important first step…

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