Do I Need A Lawyer?

Should I Hire A Cruise Ship Injury Lawyer?

The fact is, you’re not required to have a lawyer to represent you when you maritime-attorney-miami-florida file an injury claim against the cruise line. You can work directly with the cruise line’s lawyers and representatives of the insurance companies.

The reality however, is that by hiring a lawyer to represent you, you’re far more likely to be successful in correctly filing a claim, managing the legal process and gaining the appropriate financial compensation you deserve for your injury.

And the entire process will be much easier and much less frustrating for you and your family when you have a lawyer working on your behalf. That can offer a tremendous amount of relief as our clients are generally focused on ‘getting better’ after their injury by visiting their doctors, undergoing treatment, and working through rehab and physical therapy.

We Represent You Throughout the Entire Process

From your first phone call and free consultation with our firm and until a financial settlement or lawsuit verdict is reached, we will represent you throughout the entire process.

It’s what we’ve done for thousands of clients for over 25 years. We fully understand that the people we represent are often dealing with life altering injuries and are more focused on recovery than on trying to represent themselves.

Cruise ship injury law can be cloudy and confusing, especially for someone not experienced with ‘how the process works.’ We take that burden from you, protect your legal rights and work toward getting you the money you deserve to pay for pain and suffering, medical bills and lost time at work.

The Cruise Lines Will Do Their Best to Avoid Claims and Payment

The lawyers and representatives of the cruise lines will do what they can to avoid, delay or minimize the injury claims and lawsuits that are directed at them. They will also do their best to minimize payment settlements.

The truth is that it’s not in the best interest of the cruise line to admit fault and pay out damages to injured passengers. The cruise lines are ‘for profit’ businesses and lawsuit settlements negatively impact their bottom line.

It’s not uncommon for the cruise line to offer you a quick settlement, throw some free tickets your way and end the claim. And while it may be good to money quickly, you’re likely to get far less than you deserve.

You don’t need to be pressured into taking a lower dollar amount quicker. You’ll want to consider future medical bills, potential lost earnings if you’re still working and any residual emotional and physical issues that may arise in the coming months and years ahead.

Remember, the cruise lines and insurance companies know what they are doing and are working for their benefit, not yours. It’s why it is so important to have an attorney representing your best interests.

Should I Just Hire My Hometown Attorney?

It’s not uncommon for injured passengers to reach out to a local attorney first. However, most lawyers are not admiralty or maritime lawyers and are not experienced with cruise ship injury law.

The cruise lines dictate within their ticket contract (which is the contract you signed before boarding the cruise ship) where injury claims must be filed. This clause is called the forum selection and for cruise lines like Carnival, Royal Caribbean and many other larger lines, the location is in Miami.

Your hometown attorney may not know enough to file the claim within the correct court, within the correct city and within the time frame that is also dictated by the cruise lines.

Why Hire a Miami Cruise Ship Lawyer?

Attorneys like those at Waks and Barnett are experienced and knowledgeable regarding the correct procedures involved in bringing a lawsuit against the various cruise lines.

That experience comes from working with thousands of clients for more than 25 years. Being located in Miami allows our firm to provide the support and resources our clients need.

It’s why you’ll find so many personal injury law firms in Florida who are focused on representing cruise ship victims.

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