Tender Accidents

Injured While on a Cruise Ship Tender Boat?

Injuries on a cruise vacation don’t always happen aboard the cruise ship itself. Sometimes they occur on the cruise ship’s tender boats.

A tender is a boat that the cruise line uses to shuttle passengers from the big cruise ship to the dock.

While this type of transportation is generally safe, accidents can occur.

Need the Help of a Cruise Ship Injury Lawyer?

Attempting to board or get off a tender can lead to injury. While some cruise ships are able to park right alongside of the dock at many ports, it is not uncommon for them to be parked in a bay hundreds of yards from the dock.

Accidents happen when passengers lose their balance and fall. This can result in head injuries, back injuries, broken bones and the potential for falling into the water.

Tender vessels are much smaller than the cruise ship and with the movement of the ocean, the tender can bang up against the cruise ship causing injuries to occur. The same thing can hire-cruise-ship-accident-lawyerhappen as the tender navigates around other boats in a busy port or attempts to dock. The experience of the crew piloting the tender can also play a role in the safety of the passengers.

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