Shore Excursions Injuries

Injured While on a Cruise Ship Shore Excursion?

Cruise line sponsored shore excursions offer ways to enjoy the island or port of call that you are visiting. You can swim with dolphins, go hiking, snorkel, dive and jet ski – the list of fun island events is almost limitless. shore-excursion-injury-lawyer-cruise-ship

These excursions can be relaxing or adventurous, but either way you’ll need to use caution. No one goes on a shore excursion with the thought of being injured, but it does happen.

We’ve represented passengers who have been injured while on their shore excursion.

And when you’re in a foreign environment, hurt and unable to get quality medical care, the entire experience can be frustrating. It can also lead to improper diagnosis, poor medical treatment and extended pain and agony.

Cruise Lines Can Be Liable for Excursion Injuries

If you were hurt or injured in a shore excursion accident, filing an injury claim and litigating that claim can be very difficult. Determining the defendant can be tricky – is it the cruise line or the tour operator or both? hire-cruise-ship-accident-lawyer

Jurisdiction must also be established as the incidents generally occur in foreign countries.

Suing for an injury can be a complex situation requiring experienced lawyers who have worked on similar cases against numerous cruise lines and excursion operators. Excursion operators can be related to the cruise line, either directly or indirectly. This means they, or the cruise line itself, may be liable for your injuries.

Shore excursion injuries generally result from:

Bus and transport vehicle accidents
Boating accidents
Sailing accidents
Parasailing mishaps
Hiking and climbing accidents
Horseback riding injuries
Snorkeling and diving accidents

Confused about your rights? Contact a shore excursion injury lawyer.

A cruise ship injury attorney can help you answer questions you might have. They can provide legal guidance and assist you with filing a claim.

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