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cruise tour bus accident>> 12.22.2017 << Breaking News: Royal Caribbean Passengers Die on Cruise-Sponsored Sightseeing Tour After Bus Flips, Killing 12, Injuring Many Others.

Passengers were on a ship-arranged excursion to see popular ruins in Mexico’s Yucatan region, with most coming from two ships belonging to Miami based Royal Caribbean Cruises — the Celebrity Equinox and the Serenade of the Seas.

Unfortunately, excursion accidents like this are not uncommon, with many leading to personal injury and wrongful death suits filed against the cruise lines. As a passenger or a family member who has been affected by an accident like this one, you may be wondering “what to do next?”

The Cruise Ship Injury Lawyers at Waks and Barnett, P.A. have successfully handled many of these cases over the past 35 years.

Cruise line sponsored shore excursions offer ways to enjoy the island or port of call that you are visiting. You can swim with dolphins, go hiking, snorkel, dive and jet ski – the list of fun island events is almost limitless.

These excursions can be relaxing or adventurous, but either way you’ll need to use caution. No one goes on a shore excursion with the thought of being injured, but it does happen.

We’ve represented numerous passengers who have been injured while on their shore excursion.

And when you’re in a foreign environment, hurt and unable to get quality medical care, the entire experience can be frustrating. It can also lead to improper diagnosis, poor medical treatment and extended pain and agony.

How do Excursion Injuries Happen?

Bus, taxi and transport vehicle accidents

Boating accidents

Sailing accidents

Parasailing mishaps

Shuttle or Tender boat accidents

Hiking and climbing accidents

Horseback riding injuries

Snorkeling and diving accidents

Are the Cruise Lines Liable for Your Excursion Accident?

If you were hurt or injured in a shore excursion accident, filing an injury claim and litigating that claim can be very difficult without an knowledgeable and experienced law firm representing you. Determining the defendant can be tricky – is it the cruise line or the tour operator or both?

Jurisdiction must also be established as the incidents generally occur in foreign countries.

Suing for an injury can be a complex situation requiring experienced lawyers who have worked on similar cases against numerous cruise lines and excursion operators. Excursion operators can be related to the cruise line, either directly or indirectly. This means they, or the cruise line itself, may be liable for your injuries.

Yes — the cruise lines do have a responsibility for the safety and well being of their passengers — even once they’ve been let out in Mexico or a Caribbean Island.

However, the cruise lines are known to not accept blame for personal injuries that happened to their passengers who were hurt on an excursion.

Their reasoning? It wasn’t their fault the tour operator didn’t do something correctly, didn’t follow a rule or was operating a faulty vehicle. Their goal is to shift blame and limit the claims and lawsuits filed against the cruise line so that they don’t have to pay for bodily injury, doctor’s bills, missed time at work, pain and suffering, future medical bills, loss of life or other things that limit your ability to live life as you did before the cruise.

Why Can These Shore Excursion Accidents be So Bad?

In all fairness, most shore trips result in passengers having a good time and returning to their cruise ship safely. However, just because passengers returned safely, it doesn’t mean the tours, vehicles or tour operators were operating safely or within legal guidelines.

So why can these accidents be so terrible? Tour operators may not be abiding by rules, regulations or laws (assuming there are any)! Equipment and vehicles may not be properly maintained or be equipped with the proper safety features one might expect in the United States. Simple things like brake light, seat belts and properly inflated tires could lead to accidents. Driver error, unsafe operation and inexperienced employees could lead to issues. Certainly, the emergency response and level of medical attention is nowhere near the level of what U.S. passengers are used to.

Some or a mixture of all of these could create a tour bus accident, a boat collision, a scooter wreck — any number of accident scenarios can happen in a foreign country and as a passenger, you may have little help offered to you.

What Can Happen as the Result of a Cruise Excursion Accident?

Head injuries

Neck and spine injuries

Broken arms

Broken legs

Fatalities, wrongful death

Internal injuries

Long term and life altering injuries

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