Common Cruise Ship Injuries

Common cruise ship injuries

It’s unfortunate, but cruise ships can be dangerous places. And though your intent was to enjoy a relaxing vacation, the potential for injury is commonplace. It’s quite possible that you can leave your cruise vacation in pain and without clear direction as to what actions you should take regarding your injury.

In 60 years of combined cruise ship injury experience, we find that passengers are often frustrated and confused and will seek out clear answers to their questions regarding: common-cruise-ship-injuries

broken bones – wrist, arms, ankles, legs
hand injuries – cuts, broken fingers
shoulder injuries
falls in the shower
slips near the pool
injuries caused by fire
knee injuries
concussions and head injuries
neck and spinal cord injuries
back and herniated disk injuries
food poisioning and food borne illness
physical assault and battery
sexual assaults
sexual harassment
medical malpractice
injuries related to weather conditions
mechanical failures
criminal behavior
theft of valuables or identity

Get compensation for your cruise ship injuries

Waks and Barnett, P.A. has successfully represented hundreds of clients whose settlements have provided millions of dollars in compensation for them. Cruise injury law is a special and complex area. The cruise lines do not make the filing of claims and gaining successful verdicts easy. It takes attorneys who are experienced, focused and determined to help their clients.

Our attorneys – Andrew Waks, Joel Barnett and Jennifer Thompson – specialize in:

Passenger injury and accidents
Slip and fall accidents
Sexual assaults
Medical negligence, malpractice and illness
Tender accidents
Shore excursion accidents
Crew member injury and accidents
Don’t let time go by before contacting an attorney. Most cruise lines dictate a time limit within which injury claims must be filed.
Don’t let questions about your injury go unanswered.

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