Crew Member Injury and Accidents

Cruise ship crew member injury and accidents

Like passengers, crew members working aboard cruise ships can also sustain injuries or suffer from illness and medical negligence. lawyer-for-injured-cruise-line-crew

Common crew member injuries include:

Broken limbs or amputations
Fights, assault and battery
Serious head injury
Sexual harassment and rape
Sick from Norovirus
Negligent or improper medical care
Fired from position or job
Catastrophic injury or death

Seamen injuries and the Jones Act – what you need to know

Crew members work very hard to help the cruise lines run efficiently. Without their help, the cruise industry would not exist and it is the duty of the cruise lines who employ the crew members to take care of their health and well being.

As a cruise ship crew member, you are covered under the Jones Act if you’ve suffered a debilitating injury or sickness while working.

The main purpose of the Jones Act is to aid seamen injured in the line of duty. Depending on your individual circumstances that means you might be eligible for lost wages, help with medical bills, help with room and lodging costs and other benefits. hire-cruise-ship-accident-lawyer

It could also mean help with future wages, future medical bills and compensations for pain and suffering. These benefits may extend to your family as well.

It is important to remember that, as an employee of a cruise ship, you do have legal rights and protection under the law.

If you are an injured cruise ship crew member and need a lawyer – contact Waks and Barnett

Each cases is different and the Jones Act is a complex piece of legislation requiring experienced lawyers who can help you with your claim.

This is only a brief, general overview of the intricacy involved in Jones Act cases. Waks and Barnett will provide you with extensive individual consults tailored to fit the needs of your personal case.

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Examples of Injured Crew Member Settlements and Verdicts:

Injury from unnecessary surgery:
$2 Million for a crewmember who underwent unnecessary abdominal surgery without general anesthesia, resulting in permanent intestinal damage.

Crewmember assault on a cruise ship:
$900,000+ for crewmember seriously injured as a result of an assault by a fellow crewmember.

Injured in lifeboat drill on a cruise ship:
$2 Million+ recovery by settlement and verdict for multiple crewmembers, from many countries, injured in a lifeboat drill on a cruise ship.

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