What Is My Case Worth?

How Much Compensation I Can Get For My Injuries?

That’s an important question, and one that almost everyone asks. The simple answer is, “it depends.”

Every single injury claim or lawsuit is different. The money awarded in a settlement or through a courtroom verdict will depend on a variety of factors. And until a claim is thoroughly investigated, it’s impossible to determine a dollar amount value.

Our Lawyers Will Investigate the Value of Your Case Against the Cruise Line

Let’s be clear. For every client we represent, our law firm works hard to maximize the amount of compensation awarded. We do that because we’ve seen too many injured passengers be treated unfairly by the cruise lines because they didn’t have experienced attorney’s working for them.

Also, each and every case is different. While we’ve worked with hundreds of passengers who were injured in nearly the same way, the severity of their injury and the impact on their lives will be quite different.

We’ll work with you, your doctors and your insurance company to completely understand the extent of your injuries. We’ll consider any treatment you’ve already had and any treatment you may need in the future.

We’ll also consider the impact the injury has and will have on your life as well as it’s impact on your ability to work. All of these details will help us determine a ‘value’ for your injury claim against the cruise line.

Let’s Find Out What Your Injury Case is Worth…Together

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