Which Cruise Line Has The Highest Safety Rating?

This Blog Post updated Dec. 22, 2017

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Scared to take a cruise or go on a cruise sponsored excursion? You’re not the only one!

Cruise ships are the image of luxury. When these monumental vessels rest in the water, they become symbols of effortless travel and festive activities.

What many passengers fail to think about when they step aboard their cruise ship, however, is their own, PERSONAL SAFETY.

Could something like this happen to you or a family member or friend?

12 Killed, Many injured When Bus Flips on Cruise Excursion Tour in Mexico.

Dec. 21 news reports show a terrible accident that occurred as passengers were taking a bus to see Mexican ruins. Read the full story here:
Deadly Mexico tour bus crash sparks concerns over safety of cruise line-sanctioned excursions

Since the Titanic, emergency safety precautions and procedures have become increasingly stringent. With today’s advancements in seafaring technology, cruise ship passengers can rest easy knowing icebergs can be spotted and avoided long before they become dangerous.

Much like airlines, cruise ships also employ x-rays and metal detectors to ensure their passengers’ safety from foreign and domestic threats. Adequate lifeboats and safety gear are all a must in modern cruise ships.

What about sanitation ratings?

Each year, every passenger vessel with a foreign itinerary must undergo a twice-yearly health and safety inspection by the Center for Disease Control (CDC).

The inspection covers water quality, cleanliness, food holding and handling, potential contamination zones, as well as ensuring storage facilities and repairs are intact. The ships then receive a score out of 100, which is published as part of the Summary of Sanitation Inspections of International Cruise Ships.

The Center for Disease Control allows passengers to board any ship with a score of 86% or higher. A perfect score indicates that a ship has passed all 42 checks of the Vessel Sanitation Program.

Index of 2017 CDC Sanitation Reports (month by month)

Check your cruise ship safety and sanitation score here:
The Center For Disease Control (CDC) performs unannounced inspections, which are conducted twice a year and required for any cruise ship with an international itinerary calling at a U.S. port. Vessels are evaluated proper food handling, preparation and storage procedures, and overall galley cleanliness. Ships’ potable water supplies used in spas and pools are evaluated, as well.

To see cruise ships that have been awarded perfect scores (100%) for their CDC inspections over the last year (2013 and 2013), click here for current information from the CDC!

See scores from Dec. 2017 below

cruise line safety

To check your cruise ship’s rating, visit www.CDC.gov.

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Most Common Cruise Ship Injuries

Broken arms / broken legs
Hand injuries / broken fingers
Slips and fall accidents
Shower accidents
Knee injuries
Shoulder injuries
Concussion and head injuries
Neck and spinal cord injuries

Back and herniated disk injuries
Physical assault and battery
Sexual assaults
Sexual harassment
Passengers overboard
Accidental death

Food poisoning
Medical malpractice
Injuries related to weather
Mechanical failures
Criminal behavior
Theft of valuables or identity
Cruise excursion accidents

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