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Remember, each and every lawsuit is different. The circumstances and details surrounding the incident and the process of filing and continuing the lawsuit through the legal system is also unique with every case.

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Settlements From Cruise Injury Accidents

Injured during fall on a cruise ship
$2.4 Million for two passengers seriously injured in separate accidents when they fell over a stair railing.

Injured in lifeboat drill on cruise ship
$2 Million+ recovery by settlement and verdict for multiple crewmembers, from many countries, injured in 
lifeboat drill on cruise ship.

Injury from unnecessary surgery
$2 Million for crewmember who underwent unnecessary abdominal surgery without general anesthesia, resulting in permanent intestinal damage.

Herniated disk on cruise ship
$1.2 Million recovery for hair stylist on cruise ship who suffered a herniated disc from fall on negligently 
maintained stairway.

Head injury on a cruise ship
$5,500,000 for 14 year old boy who suffered a head injury in a fall on a stairway.

Stariway injury on cruise ship
$950,000 for 11 year old who suffered a mild head injury in a fall on a stairway.

Crew member assault on a cruise ship
$900,000+ for crewmember seriously injured as result of an assault by a fellow crewmember.

Near drowning while scuba-diving
$710,000 for cruise ship passenger who nearly drowned on a scuba-diving excursion.

Settlements From Other Accidents

Injury from medical negligence
$20 Million in expected annuity payments for an infant child rendered paraplegic by a negligently performed medical procedure.

All-terrain vehicle accident
$3.2 Million guaranteed annuity payout for 11-year old boy rendered a paraplegic in an off road all-terrain vehicle accident in rural Virginia.

Carbon monoxide poisioning on cargo ship
$1.8 Million settlement after favorable liability verdict for family of police officer who died several years 
after exposure to carbon monoxide during cargo ship rescue effort.

Emergency room medical negligence
$1 Million policy limits for family of 40-year-old man who died as a result of the failure of an emergency room physician to recognize that he was having a heart attack.

Leg amputation in the workplace
$2,5000,00 settlement for 57 year old Grand Turk laborer who had his leg amputatedin a workplace
 accident in Grand Turk

Pedestrian struck by car
$1,235,000 policy limits for widower of woman who died after being struck by a car.

Leg injury due to car accident
$600,000 for leg injuries suffered by passenger in a car whose driver fell asleep and left the road.

Leg injury and premises liablity
$560,000 for teenage boy who suffered severe leg injury when improperly stacked hurricane shutters fell 
on him.

Leg injury from motorcycle accident
$300,000 settlement following favorable liability verdict for leg injuries suffered by county pool worker in a
 motorcycle accident.

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