Cruise Ship Injury Claims: Who To Call?

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Passengers who were hurt in a cruise ship accident are often confused about what to do or who to call once they arrive back home after they’re vacation.

The trip that they hoped would be fun and enjoyable was ruined by the accident. Passengers return home hurt, dealing with doctor visits (and medical bills) and are often frustrated and confused about “what’s next” and “can I get some help?”

There is help

It’s important to remember that injured cruise ship passengers do have legal rights and can get help from law firms who specialize in cruise ship accidents. There is help. And many injuries sustained by passengers are eligible for claims against the cruise line.

The first step is reaching out to a law firm to discuss your accident so you can better understand what your options are. Most firms offer Free Consultations.

For more information regarding injury claims against the cruise lines, please contact the attorneys at Waks and Barnett, P.A. in Miami, Florida: 1-800-905-2891.