Medical Bills Piling Up?

Our personal injury lawyers help passengers who are facing high medical bills after a cruise ship accident

get help for medical bills related to cruise accidentWere you hurt on a recent cruise vacation?

With over 23 million passengers cruising each year around the world, thousands are bound to get hurt in accidents.

How do we know? We’ve been working with injured cruise ship passengers for over 25 years and have battled the cruise lines and insurance companies who work hard to NOT pay for passenger injuries.

Our cruise ship injury lawyers can help you if you think the injury was due to the negligence of the cruise line, the cruise line’s employees or even another passenger. We’d like to hear the details of your accident — and we offer free consultations to anyone who wants to know more about their rights as a passenger.

My doctor bills are crazy – help!

It’s not unusual for our office to get calls from passengers who were hurt and who are facing medical bills that are well beyond their means. When you’re hurt on a cruise, medical costs could include:

— loss of enjoyment and activity on the remainder of your cruise

— costs of medical care while on board the cruise ship

— possibly incurring costs of different travel arrangements just to get home (like renting a car and missing out on a scheduled flight)

— doctor visits and checkup

— hospitalization

— rehab and therapy

— loss of work time or potential wages, earnings

— pain, suffering and much more

There are dozens of reason for accidents to occur and a dozen ways in which bills start to pile up. As a passenger who was hurt, you may be confused as to whose fault it was. Regardless, a quick call to our cruise injury law firm can help to determine the reason for the accident and provide clarity on whether you’re able to file a lawsuit against the cruise line — like Carnival, Disney, Royal Caribbean or others.

If the cruise line is at fault, they could end up paying for all of your bills

That’s a really important message for hurt passengers — many of who are facing thousands of dollars in medical expenses that are piling up, not to mention the frustration, loss of time and ongoing pain associated with the injury. You shouldn’t have to shoulder that burden alone. For more than 25 years, our attorneys have worked with thousands of injured cruise ship passengers.

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Hurt on a Cruise?

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