Wrongful Deaths and Catastrophic Injuries

Wrongful Deaths and Catastrophic Injuries

Wrongful death attorney Miami, FloridaIt’s unfortunate, but wrongful deaths and life-changing injuries occuring from negiligence and terrible accidents do happen.

If you or a family member are a victim of an accident, you will need a trusted legal advisor. At Waks and Barnett, we have the necessary experience and knowledge to help our clients to the fullest extent.

Our attorneys seek full compensation for debilitating injuries or fatal accidents!

We seek the fullest amount for our clients to provide for their needs, both short and long term. Our personal injury atorneys are skilled in obtaining maximum damage awards while securing for their clients long-term care plans, covering the enormous burden of medical expenses such as medications, medical devices, and surgery, rehabilitation, and disability accommodations.

Too often, inexperienced attorneys settle cases for fractions of what the victim is entitled to under the law.

If you or a family member has suffered from any of the following, contact the law offices of Waks and Barnett for a free consultation:

Severe burns
Loss of limbs
Organ damage
Broken vertebra
Multiple broken bones
Spinal cord injury
Eye injury or hearing loss
Traumatic brain injury

If your loved one has died as a result of catastrophic injuries due to the negligence of another, you have a legal right to sue for wrongful death as a survivor.

Because of Florida’s statute of limitations, lawsuits must be brought quickly. You may be entitled to funeral and burial expenses, as well as medical bills, lost financial contributions, and non-economic damages.

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