Seamen Injuries

Helping injured crewmembers on cruise ships and working vessels

The Jones Act is a lengthy and complicated piece of legislation that is not easy to navigate alone. After an injury sustained at sea, you should seek immediate advice from a knowledgeable Jones Act lawyer, who will devise a legal plan to help keep your family financially safe until your case is closed.

An informed maritime law attorney will also aid you in choosing the best doctor. Waks and Barnett will guide you through the complex terms of the Jones Act in order to receive the full benefits you are entitled to.

The Jones Act’s main purpose is to aid seamen injured in the line of duty. It applies to seamen injured on a variety of oceanic vessels, including fishing boats, Cruise Ships, barges, shrimp boats, tug boats, offshore oil rigs, water taxis, trawlers, ferries, riverboat casinos crew boats, tankers, and more.

The Jones Act: How it affects you

Whether or not a ship owner or seaman was negligent in an accident causing injury to a seaman, the latter has the right to receive maintenance and cure from his employer. He may be entitled to the full wages he would have earned during his contract.

Even if the injury took place off of the craft, the seaman may still eligible to be paid maintenance and cure until all efforts toward full recovery have been made. These benefits include hospitalization, nursing, doctors, medicine, and board and lodging akin to the type the seaman would have been privy to while working on the vessel.

If the injury was the result of negligence, the seaman may be entitled to damages for pain and suffering, future medical bills, future lost wages and other damages.

An injured seaman may also be entitled to a monetary recovery against the vessel owner if he/she has been injured due to defective equipment or inadequate or incompetent crew. This is known as unseaworthiness and does not require proof of negligence.

This is only a brief, general overview of the intricacy involved in Jones Act cases. Waks and Barnett will provide you with extensive individual consults tailored to fit the needs of your personal case.

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