Recreational Boating Accidents

Recreational Boating Accidents – from Miami to Ft. Lauderdale

Florida has the most registered water vehicles of any state, and it’s miles and miles of pristine untouched coastlines and high-end beach front property makes this unsurprising. lawyer-for-miami-boat-injury-accidents

With so much traffic out on the water, maritime accidents at sea can happen. When they do you shouldn’t have to answer all your questions without some assistance from the experienced boating injury lawyers at Waks and Barnett.

Accident victims we represent may include:

Injured boaters
Injured skiers
Your boat was hit by another boat
Boat trailer wrecks
Fishing boat accidents and injuries
Wrongful death

With 56% of the water fatalities recorded in Florida during 2007 occurring on boats less than 17 feet in length, personal and recreational boat owners may need to be the most concerned. If you are in a boat collision, who has to pay for the damages and medical bills that you incur?

Not only that, who’s going to take care of helping you recoup your lost wages in such a situation? If you are in an accident, especially with strict Florida law, personal injury suits are almost guaranteed if injuries occur. Since the state mandates that negligent boat operators found to be responsible for injuries may be sued to recoup the cost, it’s a generally accepted wise move to hire a strong, reliable accident attorney.

We help injured boaters, passengers and property owners – in areas around MIami and Ft. Lauderdale, including:

Miami Beach
South Beach
Biscayne Bay
The Keys
Sunny Isles
Hollywood Beach
North Miami Beach
The Intracostal Waterway

Get full compensation for your boating injuries or property losses

Thinking of going it alone in court or against an insurance company? You may want to reconsider.

Your case may not go as smoothly or quickly as you planned, and the boat operator may refuse to justly help repay your cost, or their insurance provider may resist. In order to get your settlement or damages, compensation for lost wages or continuing medical treatment, and simply put your life back on track after an accident that is a sure emotional strain, contact the boating accident lawyers at Waks and Barnett.

With experience that allows us to take your case and manage it to the fullest extent possible, we will answer all your questions and maintain ourselves readily available to soothe your concerns.

The legal process can be long and arduous, with constant battles against insurance corporations that fight back every step of the way. When you’ve already suffered unjust injuries that ruin your recreational boating experience and the months following, you deserve an extra set of helping hands in your uphill struggle for compensation.

Waks and Barnett hopes we can be that ally, so please give us a call now.

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