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Chinese Woman Falls From Cruise Ship – Survives 38 Hours in Sea

Chinese Woman Falls From Cruise Ship – Survives 38 Hours in Sea

According to several published reports, like this one from, a Chinese woman who fell off a cruise ship and drifted at sea for 38 hours survived with only minor injuries. The incident occurred as the Royal Caribbean cruise ship she was traveling on made its way from Shanghai to South Korea and Japan. Reportedly, she was “enjoying the view” when she fell…falling approximately 7…

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Woman Goes Overboard From Norwegian Cruise Ship

It seems to be happening with increasing frequency — passengers going overboard from cruise ships. This time, a woman on the Norwegian cruise ship Pearl, went overboard during a dance party cruise to Mexico. CNN reports (from a Friday morning, Nov. 13 article) … “A search is underway in the waters off Cuba after a woman went overboard during a cruise ship dance party. The…

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